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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Waiting for the winter

The autumn is here and the winter is near. What shall I do?
First I prepared the Sea Buckthorn. It's full of vitamin C and keeps you away from cold. I bought the Sea Buckthorn one month ago, I prepared it with honey and now I will use it.
This is my Sea Buckthorn:

Second step is to drink a lot of tea: nettle tea, green tea, anti fat tea. But always drink water and never juice. Only fresh juice.

Third step is sports. In these time of the year we tend to stay and stay because is cold and dark outside. This is not good for our body. I always do something in this period. 

Fourth step is my skin. The autumn is here from Sunday and my skin felt it. So I am ready to use a lot of masks, hand cream, face cream, body cream, oils, and so on.

The fifth step is to eat a lot of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables.
They say is good to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

And always have flowers on my table. They makes your life beautiful.


  1. Not sure what those are? And how do you eat them? It sounds neat.

  2. These are Sea Buckthorn. They are full of vitamin C. You eat them with honey.
    You can read about hem here: