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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Red sweater

This is the biggest sweater I made in the last few years.
I worked a lot to it, but now at the end I'm smug.

IMG_7555 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7559 by flory_happy_woman

The neck was hard for me to do it. It isn't what I wanted to be, it's almost there but not what I have had in my head.
It's a double neck and I worked with two needles.

IMG_7585 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7585 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7596 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7590 by flory_happy_woman

Now I'm so happy that I have a new sweater and it is so snug.
Have a nice day!


  1. Felicitari!A meritat toata munca!Sa-l porti sanatoasa!:)
    Madalina M.

  2. Wonderful!
    Is that for yourself? YOu might have knitted soo much... that is why you were so quite! jajaja
    It does look very snug! hmmm we are having a very cold day today and instead of wearing nice wool I am with fleece! (thermic fabric)
    A question:
    where are my comments jajaja (joking) x

  3. Thank you Lorena!
    Yes! That's why I was so quite.
    We have a very cold day every day since last friday.
    Me and my daughter have flu.
    We are so happy! :(
    I'm sorry for the message!
    I was so tired and I did it.
    Have a nice day!