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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crazy granny squares

I have lots of balls from older projects and I decided to make something with them.
I have had an idea.
For the moment I'll show you the beginning:

IMG_7739 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7742 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7744 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7758 by flory_happy_woman

That's all for the moment.
Have a lovely week!
And be happy!


  1. loving the colours! What will you d with it?

  2. Hello Lorena!
    I'm trying to do a bag.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Lovely grannies - a bag should be interesting especially with all the different colors you've chosen to use. I'm working on a number of grannies as well.

  4. Hello Sara!
    Thank you!
    I think it's lovely. I didn't finished it but I'm working. And I like what I see.
    It's a spring - summer bag. It's a happy bag and it makes me smile when I'm working at it.
    Have a nice day Sara!

  5. Oh... I am looking forward to see the result! xx

  6. Thnks Flory! I want to see the BAG! jajaja hurry up! :P