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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crocheted pillow

I suceded to crochet another pillow, for me this time.
I wanted to be in the same colors with the carpet and it has almost the same colors.

I made a face pillow from cloth:

IMG_6347 by flory_happy_woman

Then I crocheted one face pillow:

IMG_6345 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_6346 by flory_happy_woman

And after this I sew the crocheted face on the cloth.
This is the result:

IMG_6353 by flory_happy_woman

I like how it is. It's almost in the same colors with the carpet.
In time I want to crochet a lot of granny squares to make a blanket for the bed. 


  1. Se asorteaza perfect cu covorul!La cat mai multe, ca sunt tare frumoase!!! :)
    Madalina M.

  2. Multumesc Mada!
    O sa mai fac, dar cea mai mare provocare este o patura mare mare mare, cu spune Ioana.
    Si mai nou m-am apucat de pictat. Este surpriza, o sa vezi.

  3. Gorgeous love a granny pillow. We too have one on our couch. xx

  4. Thank you! I saw your pillow and I like it.