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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crazy granny squares

I have lots of balls from older projects and I decided to make something with them.
I have had an idea.
For the moment I'll show you the beginning:

IMG_7739 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7742 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7744 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7758 by flory_happy_woman

That's all for the moment.
Have a lovely week!
And be happy!

Friday, February 24, 2012

My daughter's sweater

The spring is almost here and I wanted to knit my daughter a totally different pullover for the spring.

IMG_7710 by flory_happy_woman

As always I let her to choose the model.
When I saw the model I liked it. I love the details.

IMG_7720 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7722 by flory_happy_woman

I found these buttons that are perfect for this sweater.

IMG_7728 by flory_happy_woman

My daughter wasn't at home when I sewed the buttons.

IMG_7732 by flory_happy_woman

The original model was this:

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Clothes for dolls

It's winter outside and it's so cold.
My daughter was very sorry that her dolls haven't clothes for winter.
In this case I tried to make something for her dolls.
A knitted sweater:

And a crocheted hat for the sweater:

IMG_7684 by flory_happy_woman

A crocheted hat with a muffler in the same color:

IMG_7686 by flory_happy_woman

Another crocheted hat with a muffler in the same color:

IMG_7689 by flory_happy_woman

A crazy hat from a granny square:

IMG_7691 by flory_happy_woman

And a skirt from two granny squares:

IMG_7677 by flory_happy_woman

For the moment she's happy that her dolls have new clothes.
In time I'll try to make more clothes for her dolls.
Now she want a pillow and a blanket for her dolls, because the dolls are sleeping. :)
That's all for today.
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crocheted hair clip

I just made a crocheted hair clip and I love it.
I like hair clips but I don't find lots on the market.
So I decided to make my own hair clips, happy clips.

I crocheted a flower:

I bought a clip:

Than a sew the flower on the hair clip and my beautiful hair clip was ready:

IMG_7664 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7674 by flory_happy_woman

I have the headband, the hair clip, now I must make the blouse.
Have a nice day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Egg mask for normal skin

1/2 egg
1 tablespoon of cream
0,5 grams of clay

Rub half an egg with a tablespoon of cream, then add 0,5 grams of clay.
Apply on the face and leave 15 minutes.
Then rise with warm water.
Have a lovely weekend!

Crocheted headband

It's so cold outside! A lot of snow...
I'm waiting for the spring. I really don't like this winter.
I crocheted some squares thinking to the spring:

IMG_7613 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7614 by flory_happy_woman

If you like these squares you find the pattern here.
I made a headband from these squares:

IMG_7627 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7629 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7631 by flory_happy_woman

I want to make a blouse in the same colors.
I don't know if it will be knitted or crocheted.
We'll see!
It's a long way till the spring will come.
Have a nice day!
And don't forget:
Be happy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Felt broaches

I wanted to play with some felt.
I have the felt for a long time ago and I didn't make anything with it.
I didn't know what to do with it.
Than I had the idea to make broaches.
This is what I did:

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Red sweater

This is the biggest sweater I made in the last few years.
I worked a lot to it, but now at the end I'm smug.

IMG_7555 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7559 by flory_happy_woman

The neck was hard for me to do it. It isn't what I wanted to be, it's almost there but not what I have had in my head.
It's a double neck and I worked with two needles.

IMG_7585 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7585 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7596 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7590 by flory_happy_woman

Now I'm so happy that I have a new sweater and it is so snug.
Have a nice day!