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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crocheted necklace

Today my daughter wanter to learn to crochet.
It was hard, very hard. She's almost 5 years.
In the end she succeeded to crochet a chain and I made her two flowers and a circle.
This is the result:

IMG_7393 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7395 by flory_happy_woman

IMG_7402 by flory_happy_woman

She is so happy! This is her work!
Have a nice day!


  1. Bravo Ioana!Ai un colier interesant! :)
    Madalina M.

  2. Daca Ioana poate tu poti mult mai mult Mada. :)

  3. Tb sa ma ambitionez :P

  4. L-O-V-E-L-Y! Mu son (5) also wants to learn and I am going to teach him!
    This is a very good way to start the new year!

  5. Which language do you speak? :O It sounds a bit Latin, but not in my circle... "mult" it sounds catalan, but it is not... I would know... Puzzled!

  6. What a gorgeous color of Purple. I remember when my boys were little - they too wanted to learn crochet. Now they are older - not so much.

    Very nice necklace by the way.

  7. How nice, very beautiful and well done!

  8. Flory! I knew it! I knew you had to do something with Latin, but not quite sure which language was that, not that there are many, but I can understand and recognise all of them except yours jaja... but for sure! Because is Rumanian. Our Eastern Romance language brother/sister!
    So Flory, a part form the crochet, we have another thing in common!
    Do you live in Rumania? I am happily surprised that go for all that trouble in writing your blog in English. Besides, your English is very good!
    I am glad also that my Spanish does not put you off! :P
    I am in love since my university times of one of your writers: Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu, who wrote the The hour 25. One of the best things I have read. I got the movie few weeks ago, a classic form 1967. Amazing. Do know him?
    And of course! Nadia Comaneci! jaja
    Thanks very much for your comments and let’s keep rolling!