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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair treatment

Making masks from natural ingredients is easy to do and can be very effective. In my opinion is better to go back to the nature. Today I will tell you a hair treatment. I use it once a week and I'm very pleased of it.

3 egg yolks, 
1 spoon of olive oil,
1 spoon of  castor oil,
30 ml vitamin A oil,
1 spoon of  apple cider vinegar. 

Mix them and apply the treatment on your hair.
Once you have applied the treatment to your hair, wrap your hair  in a warm towel. Then lie back for 30 minutes to allow the treatment plenty of time to work. After this rise and wash your hair  as you always do.
This hair treatment is good for hair loss, dry or damaged hair. If you have one of this problems, apply this treatment once a week.

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