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Monday, September 19, 2011

A weekend of relaxation

I wanted to rest, but now I realize that was tiring.
On Saturday I was busy for me like any woman. I even saw a movie.
That doesn't mean I cooked or crochet. I had an inspiration and I've got to make crocheted brooches.
I will put pictures when they are ready.
I have thought all day at Sunday.
I had heard it's an exhibition of crystal jewelry and semi precious stones to Geology Museum: "Crystals Autumn".
I dragged my husband for me to see "boulders" as he said.
In the end he liked there.

I bought earrings, some cats for my daughter and an elephant for my sister in low.
And my husband bought a "boulder" for himself . Ha...

It was nice and I wait a next exhibition of crystal jewelry.

My daughter cats. 
The elephant   

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