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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crocheted flower

The Autumn is almost here and I ascertained that my daughter's clothes are smaller.
I must make hats, tunics, sweaters and so on.
I started with a white hat.
I crocheted a red flower to put on the hat.
Today I'll show you the flower and how I made it.
These days I hope I will finish the hat and I'll put the hat and the pattern.
For the moment this is the flower:

I took her a red coat. The white hat with a red flower will be perfect for her coat.
I'll show you next time.
Have a lovely day!
And don't forget: life is beautiful.


  1. More flowers?! Yo are a happy flower Lady! xx

    1. Hello!
      I like flowers. :)
      My name is flower. :) I'm not joking.
      Have a lovely day Lorena!