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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crocheted hat pattern

My daughet's hat is ready.
I finished it yesterday but I didn't have time to make pictures and the pattern.
We love this hat. And my daughter looks so nice nice with it!
I put the flower and a button and the hat is ready:

You continue the pattern till the hat is ready.
I started a scarf in the same color with the hat now.
I'll show you when it will be ready.
Have a nice day!


  1. E foarte frumoasa caciulita!Sa o poarte sanatoasa!
    Madalina M.

  2. Oh what a lovely hat! Thank you for sharing the pattern, I must give it a try!
    Also thank you for stopping by my blog - I'm so happy to have you around! :)
    You have a great weekend ahead!
    Best, LS

    1. Thank you LS!
      I love your blog and always take a look.
      Have a lovely day LS!

  3. Wow......!!Thanks for sharing such a beautiful cap.

  4. oh my ... thats the cutest... Thank you for linking into Colours Dekor..

    I'm following you now and am sure hoping to see you pop into CD as well...

    Have a lovely week ahead..

    1. Thank you Patricia!
      My daughter loves this hat!
      She's waiting for Autumn to wear her hat. :)
      Have a lovely week, too!