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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fimo buttons

I finished my daughter's scarf and I observed that I don't have a red button.
This was a big problem because the button makes the difference between her scarf and any other scarf.
I have a lot of buttons but none red.

What a tragedy! :)
I was upset and I bought fimo yesterday.
Today I made fimo buttons.

I didn't make many buttons, I need only one.
I must go to the kitchen now....
I have to cook something for tonight.
Any ideas?
Be happy!


  1. I love buttons!
    I have a box of vintage ones, not quite up market, but I love them ! :D
    Take care!

    1. Hello Lorena!!!
      I'm so happy that you were here!
      Make a post with your buttons. :)
      You saw my buttons. :)))
      If you like them so much, share them to all of us.
      I would be glade to see them.
      Have a lovely day Lorena!

  2. my crafty daughter has a whole box of buttons. bet there is a red one in there. you can have it.
    have fun!!

  3. Hello Annmarie!
    I just came from your blog.
    I have lots of buttons, too.
    But none red. :)
    I made some, you saw.
    Have a lovely day!

  4. such a good idea!

    greats from

    1. Thank you!
      And... it's cheaper.
      Have a lovely weekend!